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Atin ang Bawat Sandali

In this piece, featured are moments & memories that might spark a sense of nostalgia & a sense of belonging for people passing by. 

(Deafeye Studio, 2021) 

First Discoveries 

Based on a model of the world around us and how children see it. Children are born learners, with a natural curiosity to figure out how the world works. 

(Biskeg Pangasinan Art Collective, 2018) 

Ang Supremo 

Bonifacio is depicted tearing apart his cedula, symbolizing the uprising. His posture shows the courage, power, and respect accorded to him by Katipuneros. 

(Ben-Hur Villanueva, 1998) 

The Land We Walk On 

The wall features endangered species native to the Philippines. The feet across the length of the wall are symbolic of our own impact that we leave on our environments. 

(Elie Quial, 2021)

Food Heroes 

This is a perfect way to honor the people behind the food we enjoy everyday. As we all know, their task is difficult but sometimes we forget. 

(Christian Hernandez, 2022) 


The vision of transforming a military base into a city at par with the best cities inspired him to use glass as medium, a representation of a diamond in the rough. 

(Lor Calma, 2001)

Telephone Poles 

A relocated and recycled urban element creates a wave of alternative visual and physical relationships. 

(B+C Design with Baby Imperial and Coco Anne, 2012) 

Calamansi & Sampaguita 

Based on ancient local traditions, these plants have a native symbolism that switched during the last times. 

(Pastel, 2016)

What's Your Culture? 

You'll see the different characters - all interwoven with one another. Each one plays an integral part in our community and how our stories are interconnected with one another. 

(Glendford Lumbao, 2021) 

Specific Gravity 

The artist designed a huge suspended boulder fountain suspended by three curving stainless steel poles, seemingly defying the natural order of things. 

(Reg Yuson, 2007) 


Nature is everywhere - even in a modern machine! 

(Jasmin Lacay, 2022) 


“There Is No Such Thing As Eternal Joy”. A distinct element is the silhouette of a teddy bear that appears in a series of digitally manipulated photographs. 

(Conrado Velasco, 2006)


Hearsay is a pun on the Filipino’s penchant for tsismis or the grapevine. It is composed of twisted pipes connected below the ground. 

(Reg Yuson, 2007)

May You Find Comfort Here 

The style gravitates towards the juxtaposition of calligraphy and floral illustrations. It tends to be organic and free. 

(KFK, 2016)

David's Hand 

Based off of a larger story, and are pages from my ever-evolving book of magic. These symbols are used as protection, to create happiness and sense of place for all that view.

(Bunnie Reiss, 2016)

Poetry Jukebox 

Donated by the Czech Republic, it features 20 poems of classic and modern Czech and Filipino poets. 

(Ondřej Kobza, 2018)

Alab ng Puso

The BGC tribute to the Filipino soldier. It portrays the Filipino soldier, with his weapon set aside, reading a letter from his family. 

(Daniel dela Cruz, 2018)


A special tribute to all the Filipino Farmers for their hardwork. It aims to enlighten us how being a farmer is a noble profession and their importance. 

(Archie Oclos and Aleili Ariola, 2016)

The Trees

The three trunks signify stability while the branches and leaves symbolize the “circle of life”, the interrelationships in nature and the vital role that each one plays. 

(Reynato Paz Contreras, 1997)


The figures are elongated, emphasizing on its vertical orientation. They are gazing upwards as if solemnly thanking and offering the fruits of their labors to God.

(Ferdinand R. Cacnio, 2006)


Inspiration from our pre-colonial history: the boat known as balanghai used by the Malays who were among the early settlers in the Philippines and barangay. 

(Leo Gerardo C. Leonardo, 2001)

Kasaysayan Bawat Oras

This sculpture is designed to be interactive and functional. The sundial sculpture-cum-playground fuses function and art, one of the most ancient ways of telling time. 

(Juan Sajid de Leon Imao, 1999)

Magic in Manila

Through her work, Kristin Farr explores magic, rainbows, nostalgia, color psychology and positive vibes. “Hex Signs” were painted on barns for decoration, good luck or protection. 

(Kristin Farr, 2015)

Coming Into Being

"As art is a mirror to life, this is a reflection of the development and growth of BGC & the triumph of the Filipino collective spirit despite all the trials & tribulations. 

(Daniel dela Cruz, 2017)